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Book Review - Empress and Soldier by Marian L Thorpe

  "We have responsibilities. Duties." Is our life ours to choose or is it a path we need to fulfil to honour our obligations? Is this decision based on the family we are born into or is it something we constantly struggle to achieve. Empress and Soldier by Marian L Thorpe is historical fiction at its best. A tale of history woven with such grace and finesse that it transports you into another realm. A realm filled with intrigue, deception, loyalty and honour. Above all however, the Empress and Soldier is a story of love. Love for one another, Love for family, love for country and love for one’s own self. Two individuals, born in the same town but into two different families. The difference - strata of society. One a highborn. One born to a merchant family. Who gets a chance to follow their own path? Eudekia , a scholar’s daughter or Drusius , the son of a merchant. What must they both do to follow their hearts? One to marry the king and become empress,

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